Biz Primer for Starters

This FREE mini course is perfect for ASPIRING entrepreneurs and micro business enthusiasts who want to learn what it really takes to start a digital business!

In this straight-talk training, I zoom in on what I wish I would have known before starting my own business, as it would have saved me a lot of time, agony and money. 

Enjoy this honest, action focused training. Take notes and start doing the necessary groundwork to determine if starting a digital business is really for you. I also share my candid perspective on why it's important you do thorough research, BEFORE investing in websites, photoshoots, Guru's, branding and other start up expenses.

You'll also learn:

-How to research your business idea.

-Make intelligent thoughtful decisions necessary to craft your strategy.

-What it takes to earn income running a digital business.

-How to save money from Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) courses and programs, you don't need right away.

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