Real Talk About Self-Employment


This instructional video is being repurposed for its value. The content is about time management and the reality of being your own digital boss. If you'd like to signup for a meet and greet call with me, go to to choose your appointment day and time. The call is 15-minutes and you'll have the opportunity to share about one specific challenge and received some feedback. You must fill out my intake survey to receive one complimentary call. You'll receive the short survey once you schedule your call. Thank you for watching. Speak soon. T.


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Setting & Achieving Goals Without Burnout

When you're an emerging solo-entrepreneur achieving goals in a reasonable time can be challenging. A great goal might be creating sustainable income so you can add to your team and plan out the year well in advance. Goals are something I’ve struggled but, working for myself has helped me get better at it. Having multiple goals at once leads to stagnation. For many entrepreneurs, the biggest challenge is choosing one goal at a time and persevering without getting sidetracked. Sound familiar?

Goals become stagnant when our structure to achieve them isn't clear or if they don't align on a soul level. As the 'boss' of your business, it's imperative you create systems and structures to align with your business values and intentions.

If you're multi-creative like me, you likely thrive on beginnings and lose momentum near the end. It's easier to stay focused on goals where results can be achieved in minimal time. When alignment is missing,...
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Doing Business Your Way

Doing business your way is not something to take lightly. If you want to make money, there has to be some structure and the ‘your way’ part is where you get creative license to define what that structure is.

No matter what your unique structure is, it will have to have specific components from a practical business standpoint otherwise, you’ll find yourself all over the map and likely struggling just to keep yourself afloat and stay positive in the game.

The following is a skeleton to help you create some structure within your business. You can work from this as a baseline and customize it however you want but, the idea is to help you think about creating a foundation with which you evolve over time. The beauty of doing business your way is that you can change things up anytime and in fact, change is necessary if you want to monetize, strengthen and potentially expand your business.

1. Structure of Work Flow:
-What are you peak productivity times of day?
-When do you...

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Owning Your Value

'Owning Your Value' is a process of personal growth and transformation. You may have passion and creativity and know how to get stuff done but, when it comes to owning your value, stepping out of your comfort zone and being visible is critical. Tech tools and fancy websites don't give us confidence in ourselves. Knowing and owning your value can be challenging if you've never worked for yourself. If you're stuck in your business and are serious about moving forward, owning your value is a great place to start!

WHAT IS OWNING YOUR VALUE? Owning your value is both what you know and believe about the value you offer AND how you communicate that in your business. Through your words, visual marketing, website, copy, offers, broadcasts, content, etc., From your color palette to how you write and speak about your business and customers' needs. All of which points to owning your value. In order to gain people’s trust in your experience, knowledge and credibility, you have to...

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Ask Yourself WHY

No one is Born a marketing genius, stand-alone artist, Master Chef, etc., Achieving great things in life requires effort, practice, patience and perseverance.

When building a business we do a lot of things based on the advice of others. Because, someone we think we can trust, told us. Because we learned it in an online marketing program from an “influencer” and bought into the fear if we didn't do it a certain way—THEIR way, we would fail!
Hopefully after you’ve chased the work of experts a few years, you’ve learned not all “experts” give advice that fits YOU!
Of course, there’s certain aspects & factors of marketing we must consider & practice in our planning, strategy and execution - HOWEVER, have you noticed even “influencers” don’t guarantee results?
Because, no one can! Everything is a Test. An Experiment and to some degree you have to keep trying and working at it and be willing to test and...

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