Shameless Self-Promotion

Do you remember the first people you were awe struck by online?

I’m just guessing the first people you admired online were Givers, right?

They likely had something that you believed you wanted or needed at that time. Maybe they spoke your language and metaphors. You felt they understood your challenges or struggles clearly. When they spoke, you believed they actually cared and were genuine.

That’s how it should be but, often isn’t the case!

Let's keep it real, shall we. While self-promotion is obviously central and essential to making money, there are do's and don't's that will make a difference, especially for budding entrepreneurs. If you're relatively new or trying to scale, please consider the following questions: 

-Do you really understand what your community wants and needs (maybe more than they do)?

-Do you know how to effectively communicate that to them…going deeper and more personal?

-What proof do you have that YOU can help them?

-Are you making it all about you or them?

-What do you bring to the table that’s different than others in your industry?

-Are you clearly differentiating yourself in a sea of ‘white noise’ and self-promoters?

Deep stuff, I know. That's "the work" sunshine.

When posting on social media:
-Speak to the issues your audience is trying to solve.
-Give something immediately digestible & actionable to build Trust in you.
-Show (don't just Tell) HOW they can put your help to the test.
-Reflect your own experience as it relate to THEIR story.

Truth Be Told:
-People don’t care how great we think and say we are!
-They care about How YOU can Help THEM!
-People want results. 
-There are thousands of other offers in your industry, how will you be different?

There’s a lot to learn about online marketing and it takes time to get into the flow of your work. You’d be doing yourself a huge favor to get some one-to-one support to have outside eyes and ears working on your behalf, in your best interest, asking you the right questions to help you hone in on a strategy to fit your audience and align with your intentions and goals.

If you’re looking for support that’s deep, transparent and cuts-to-the-chase to save you time and therefore money, I invite you to grab an informal discovery call for a meeting of the minds conversation.

Signup to chat with me at I promise it will be fun!



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