Setting & Achieving Goals Without Burnout

When you're an emerging solo-entrepreneur achieving goals in a reasonable time can be challenging. A great goal might be creating sustainable income so you can add to your team and plan out the year well in advance. Goals are something I’ve struggled but, working for myself has helped me get better at it. Having multiple goals at once leads to stagnation. For many entrepreneurs, the biggest challenge is choosing one goal at a time and persevering without getting sidetracked. Sound familiar?

Goals become stagnant when our structure to achieve them isn't clear or if they don't align on a soul level. As the 'boss' of your business, it's imperative you create systems and structures to align with your business values and intentions.

If you're multi-creative like me, you likely thrive on beginnings and lose momentum near the end. It's easier to stay focused on goals where results can be achieved in minimal time. When alignment is missing, enthusiasm wains. Sure, we know how to get stuff done but, why not make a party out of it! Breaking goals down into incremental steps is key.

In business, lack of structure is serious. Without structure, you might find yourself in a rut questioning your value. I've been there. BUT, it's not effort or ability that causes entrepreneurs to fail, it’s lack of STRUCTURE with concise steps leading to goals that align on a deeper level!

So, how do you achieve goals with structure?
Here's 6 steps to help you:

Step 1: Cut out excess where you know you're not using time effectively. Choose only 1-3 social platforms of focus, initially. As you get systems in place, have more income flowing to afford a VA, keep your social engagement simple and strategic! For example: Use Face-Book to find leads, be visible and offer your value in a genuine way without soliciting or spamming. Use Twitter to promote your posts and links to your site. Use Periscope to engage with and establish a rapport with your audience.

Step 2: Write down everything you've accomplished so far in your business. Writing helps us regain perspective. When we can SEE what we've accomplished thus far, we reacquaint with our value. This also serves to keep our *WHY* in focus!

Step 3: Set your goals by priority, with income generating activities first. For example; list building, client leads and discovery calls on the top for service based businesses. Next; free content, webinars, and other forms of engaging with your potential clients and getting traffic to your site. Goals congruent to building your *Know, Like and Trust* factor.

Step 4: Write each goal on a piece of paper with your goal at the top. Then record each step in reverse sequence until you've reached the very FIRST step you will take. Next, break down each step into 3 parts to calculate and plan critical timelines. Always, double the estimated time for each task!

Step 5: Last and most important; With your sequential steps on paper, transfer each task to your schedule with any notes or details associated and reminders for each. Consider any contingency for backup if you experience a glitch. It happens!

Step 6: Signup for a STRATEGY CALL with me to get some feedback on your most immediate action steps and see if we're a fit.


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