Quick Steps To Get Unstuck


  • not enough down time to let your ideas sink in
  • taking on more than we can deal with
  • things/people don't fit in our situation
  • we need more sleep
  • we force ourselves to do stuff that doesn't align
  • self-doubt causes confusion
  • we need to break our project down into digestible bites
  • lack of patience
  • our expectations are excessive
  • lack of clarity 

All of this is easily fixable. The journey is as much about personal growth as business growth and I can appreciate wanting results -- but, everything happens in it's in own right time and when we force things, we don't always get the results we want anyway.

YOU are the driver of your destiny but, if you don't believe in that or yourself, you'll stay stuck. Circumstances might not always be our choice but, how we deal with them most certainly is! If you really need self-care, more sleep or time away from the grind, it's up to you to take it. Working on your terms means bucking up, using your creativity and finding a way to make things work without perfection and balance in mind because, you'll never feel balanced 24/7 but, you can feel aligned and in the flow of your life and business rhythm.

If you're issue is more about taking on too much, shiny object overwhelm or other voluntary distractions, recognize how those things set you back and declare your commitment to change your mindset and business model and/or routine. Remember, YOU get to make it up as you go, test, adjust and find what works specifically for YOU.

Isn't that WHY you choose the path of live on your terms?

When we feel blocked whether creatively, spiritually or otherwise, it's no different than a clogged drain. We have to CLEAR the excess in order to feel good, do good and work effectively!


1. STOP doing what you're doing and do nothing for a minute. Ask yourself what's really not working and why you FEEL that way. When we push too hard, we create unnecessary tension towards our work and pressure that is self-inflicted. Stopping is an opportunity to take inventory and look at your situation objectively to assess what the true issue is.

2. Identify what you want instead and determine if it's not happening due to any of the above. The answer is usually more obvious than we realize. Be HONEST with yourself! Sometimes we're trying too hard or forcing ourselves to finish something we already know we should ditch. But, we often force ourselves to do things out of practicality even though doing something you really don't feel good about is nothing but impractical. Get clear on whether your issue is internal or external and why.

3. Decide ONE thing you want to resolve right now. Most likely being blocked is a symptom of excess. So, reprioritizing with a list of 3-5 items will help you regain control of your situation in a strategic and uplifting way. ONE person can accomplish more doing One thing with a clear head and plan that attempting to do 5, 10 or more things under stress. Be reasonable and realisitic. Set yourself up to WIN!

4. Break that ONE item down into 3, 5, or 7 smaller steps. This will help you SEE what's actually required to meet your goal and estimate the time needed. 

5. Create a timeline that's actually humanly possible factoring the rest of your life responsibilities. Structure is how we get things done. When you create a reasonable timeline you have a structure to work with. Always allow extra time for tech glitches, breaks and real life.

6. Outline your plan on calendar with reminders. Marie Forleo has a saying "If it's not the calendar, it's not real." Google calendar is perfectly suitable for staying organized and keeping a structure for your biz. Put Alerts and Reminders in place to help you stick to your timeline within reason.

7. Ask a close friend to support you in following through and don't let yourself down! For many entrepreneurs it's a transition to not have a boss hanging over their heads. You are your own boss and thusly have to create a system of accountability to support you with staying on track. Just make sure it's someone you really trust personally and professionally. 

Of course, if you want objective feedback to help you resolve your challenge right now, my rapid fire Q & A,  2-hour Strategy Session is the smart choice.

Remember, building a sustainable business requires patience, persistence and a flexible adaptive mindset. Personal development is essential to the process.

'Success' won't matter, if you're unhappy along the way!


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