Owning Your Value

'Owning Your Value' is a process of personal growth and transformation. You may have passion and creativity and know how to get stuff done but, when it comes to owning your value, stepping out of your comfort zone and being visible is critical. Tech tools and fancy websites don't give us confidence in ourselves. Knowing and owning your value can be challenging if you've never worked for yourself. If you're stuck in your business and are serious about moving forward, owning your value is a great place to start!

WHAT IS OWNING YOUR VALUE? Owning your value is both what you know and believe about the value you offer AND how you communicate that in your business. Through your words, visual marketing, website, copy, offers, broadcasts, content, etc., From your color palette to how you write and speak about your business and customers' needs. All of which points to owning your value. In order to gain people’s trust in your experience, knowledge and credibility, you have to believe in and show your value to build on the relationships you eventually want to sell to.

If you are not putting yourself out there, stepping out of your comfort zone and making yourself available to the people you’d like to support, your business won't survive!

OVERCOMING FEAR OF BEING VISIBLE: I can relate to sensitive empaths and introverts but, that’s not an excuse to not be visible. Being visible is part of the packaging of your products and services and people want and need to hear what you have to say in order to make the decision to buy. Always consider your audience, the people you want to help and how you’re going to convey your value. When you connect with the right audience and have what they want, it’s imperative your value is communicated clearly and with confidence. People can sense uncertainty and self-doubt even through our body language. That's why practice is key.

"Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value."
-Albert Einstein

BUILD CONFIDENCE CONSTRUCTIVELY: Take small imperfect steps. Get comfortable doing short 1-3 minute videos and posting them online. Share small tips to offer value and get exposure. You don’t have to get it right on the first take. Practice on Skype with a friend. Offer consulting or discovery calls to get practical experience. Get started live streaming and build confidence with weekly viewer interactions. Review your replays and observe where improvement is needed.

OWN YOUR VALUE IN YOUR PRICING: When you truly believe in the value you bring and can own it. It’s important the fees for your products and services reflect that. This is an area where creatives often struggle with owning their value and don’t want to ‘rip people off.’ There’s a lot of discussion around pricing for service-based businesses. You have to decide what fits for your business. People pay you for results and results point back to owning your value. Here's a few potent questions to ask yourself when pricing.
-Are you really charging enough?
-Are you compromising your fees out of guilt?
-Are you targeting people who CAN afford your services?
-Do you have testimonials that speak to results?
-Are you factoring operating costs, taxes, and benefits in your fees?

The more you intentionally put yourself out there and own your value, the more confidence you'll have to build a successful business. If you'd like to discuss your strategy, let's get on the phone and see if we're a fit.


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