Making An Emotional Connection

If you've ever been to a LIVE concert, no matter what genre of music, I'm just guessing it was a memorable experience for you. As an old school rock-n-roller myself, I've been to many concerts going back to the good ol' 1970's when Bill Graham produced amazing Day On The Green concerts at the Oakland Coliseum. I was in high school and it was a BIG deal! 

Music brings people together because we feel something collectively through the gift of our favorite artists. It's both physical and emotional to be in the crowd. It's a moment like no other and it helps us Be and Feel more connected to the Artists whose music makes a difference in our lives.

The same idea is true for birthing a business that reflects who you are, your point-of-view and what you GIVE to your tribe. Needless to say, it's not magic, it doesn't happen overnight and living the dream is a journey.

Making some emotional connection is absolutely essential to succeed in online marketing and unlike performing with a band, when you're a solo entrepreneur building a personal brand, those are big shoes to fill!

YOU, the Founder, must first understand what the emotional connection is, between what you have to offer and how it relates to your customers wants and needs, in order to effectively convey you can help them. That YOU are it for them. That what you're singing fits what they want to essence. 

At first, I struggled with this and it really bothered me. I had to get over the hurdle of questioning what I had to give and the stigma around whether or not I was relevant and worthy of earning people's trust.

Critic talk.

If  you struggle with critic talk, analysis paralysis and anxiety around being SEEN, your first step to building relationships for your business will be to tend to that internal stuff that will repel not propel you forward. Get some support around shifting mindset alignment with your goals. People sense inhibition and lack of confidence so the deeper personal work we do is vital to building TRUST and achieving conversions.

I learned through trial and error, the gap in my communication was caused by:
1. Trying to connect from someone else's blueprint/style of writing.
2. Being afraid to speak as my natural self, with occasional slang and cursing.
3. Guessing what people wanted and needed instead of asking them directly!

#3 is a hot tip, actually because, when you're new the tendency is to make stuff up about your potential/ideal customers instead of reaching out to talk with them directly, offer them a survey to complete or engaging in discussion on Facebook. This is absolutely VITAL to the foundation of your business and content creation.

What made a huge difference for me, was keeping good records and notes from every discovery call and client I've had since 2012! Evernote is a great resource for note keeping. 

The roots of business start with you, the founder, whether or not you believe in who you are, what you have to give and why that's important to you and how this can help your people. Once you understand this, making an emotional connection will feel very natural and clear!
There's a lot of bad information out there...that first asks; "Who do you want to work with?" I push back with this question; How can you know who you want to work with, if you aren't clear or believe in what you have to give, first?

Your true audience wants you to be yourself. To be honest and real in such way you are giving, not unloading. Practice speaking with your audience as you'd speak to a friend around a campfire, drop your biz hat and keep it real, while recognizing professional boundaries. Approach the conversation with service in mind. Your job is to be 'present' get information and give support.

Let people know:
A. You understand their issue and how they feel.
B. You are genuinely interested in helping them.
c. How you can help them.
D. What shift/change/results they can anticipate, including non-tangible

The quickest route to marketing with emotional connection is to engage with people regularly. Set the intention to use social strategically to find those who resonate and begin building a rapport. You can do this through Live Streaming, Facebook groups, discovery calls, free coaching in exchange for research, etc. Prepare/schedule time for this each week. It takes discipline and practice like anything and it's very important if you want to make money in your business!

Marketing with emotional connection happens with a combination of your own business clarity, understanding what your audience wants and needs, and learning how to communicate the bridge between the two, in THEIR Words! 

It takes good listening and effort.
Marketing with emotional connection is about being real and building relationships with heart, care and attention ~ just like our favorite song writers. 

Want help with this important piece of developing your biz, let's talk. You can pick my brain for 15-minutes and then decide if you want to go deeper with coaching. Sign up here and I'll see you on the other side! ~T. :)


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