Doing Business Your Way

Doing business your way is not something to take lightly. If you want to make money, there has to be some structure and the ‘your way’ part is where you get creative license to define what that structure is.

No matter what your unique structure is, it will have to have specific components from a practical business standpoint otherwise, you’ll find yourself all over the map and likely struggling just to keep yourself afloat and stay positive in the game.

The following is a skeleton to help you create some structure within your business. You can work from this as a baseline and customize it however you want but, the idea is to help you think about creating a foundation with which you evolve over time. The beauty of doing business your way is that you can change things up anytime and in fact, change is necessary if you want to monetize, strengthen and potentially expand your business.

1. Structure of Work Flow:
-What are you peak productivity times of day?
-When do you do your best writing? (mine is usually first thing early a.m. and sometimes before coffee)
-What time of day do you begin to feel burned out?

2. Weekly & Monthly Tasks — Relationship/List Building Objective:
-blog post(s)
-social posts, engagement/FB groups
-Periscope/live streaming
-content creation — always double the time you think it will take to prepare.
(courses, programs, offers, evergreen products, webinars, etc)
-promoting your work

3. Self-Care/Family/Down Time

4. Baseline Hours of Business
-How many hours do you want/need to work?
Considering the following:
-must do's
-your health and energy
-unexpected glitches, business enrichment, tech, etc.

5. Strategy & Client Call Schedule
-When do you want to be available?
-How much space do you want to allocate for this?
-What is your strategy or goal for conversions?

6. Community, Collaboration and Alliances:
Building relationships is a must to succeed online and I’ll be frank…you have to put sincere time and effort into this because, founders are constantly bombarded with moochers so, make sure you come from a place of giving not just receiving and your intentions are genuine.

By the way, I created this FREE workbook so you have something concrete to outline your plan. Download it here. :)


Find people who share your values and business philosophy and complement your work. These relationships can be powerful for creating content to share for mutual benefit, podcasts, special events and other projects to strengthen both parties list and reach. Make sure when you do collaborate or create alliances you are crystal clear about boundaries and expectations and you communicate your own up front. This will help avoid misunderstandings. It’s also wise to get things in writing if you are sharing your own content with someone else’s list or audience. Make sure there is some written agreement as to ownership of content and what the exchange will be. It’s better to be upfront and keep the lines of communication clear, than to assume something and regret it later.

I suggest mapping out goals into 3 categories:
-Long Range

This free mindmapping app. is a great tool for the task!

You can outline your goals in three month increments, seasonally or 1, 3, 5 years and so forth. The idea is to have an outline on paper to help you stay on point and moving forward. Once your goals are outlined in categories, the next step is to reverse engineer each step to reach your goals. For immediate goals, you’ll need to be very detailed and break things down into small actionable tasks. For intermediate and longer range goals, it's important you have some outline far enough in advance. As a rule, always double (or even triple) the timeline for completion. This is particularly important if you are launching something new. Remember to consider things like FB Ads, Webinars and other promotional activities leading up to your launch.

Last and most important, BE CREATIVE and allow yourself to try differing things because, this is how you will quickly learn what resonates with your audience and feels good for you personally. The only way to really learn about your audience and build your community, is to put the time and effort into determining what they want and how you believe you can deliver it the most effectively with results-based value in mind.

Trust your gut.
Take risks.
Test + pivot.
Remember, it’s a PROCESS — not a destination. 

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