5-Essential Biz Actions

The single most common obstacle new entrepreneurs face is prioritizing critical actions. White noise, shiny objects and FOMO (fear of missing out) often lead to excessive debt and giving up. It doesn't have to be that way for you! Below I share 5-essential actions to empower your business.

You can follow the blueprints of others and fall short because, One Size Does Not Fit All and you are not them! YOU are different and THAT'S YOUR POWER! Your knowledge, life experience and education merged with selective tools and perseverance is where you'll find your sweet spot.

We work in a crowded online space where taking the right actions, at the right time is critical! Following blue prints, road maps and someone else's path to success is a rabbit hole you don't want to take! Support tailored to your specific goals and needs is key!

Use the following tips and avoid wasting valuable time and money:

Know Your Biz Purpose and Ideal Client Avatar:
If you don't know why your business exists, let alone who you really want to help or support, how can you sell people something? Ideas have to be tested somehow and this is how we gather valuable information to create things people want and need. Asking your audience directly via survey's, discovery calls, or small group discussion is the most effective way! When you give people the opportunity to share what they're feeling and thinking, they gladly and openly tell you what you need to know.

Avoid Course/Program Hopping:
Course and program hopping causes confusion. Vet all paid support for your business and make sure you're not buying out of FOMO! When someone sends you their sales page out of the blue and gives you ONLY 30-minutes to signup for a thousand plus dollar offer that's a RED flag not to buy. Investments that support your business need to be well thought out, planned and vetted for 'fit' in advance. Practice saying NO often and your focus will pay off.

Create Freebies That WOW:
Downloadable content is still widely used but offering immediate results that save people time, frustration and help them move forward is key! That's why I stressed Business Purpose to start. When you understand why you exist and what your people need, it's easier to create content to help them and nail it! This also points back to research, inquiry and your willingness to get in front of people and Ask Them What They Want! Then create a free version for them to sample, share and give you feedback on.

Prioritize List Building:
List building is so critical and often missed! When your developing a business, you need to focus on relationship building to grow your list! Period. Create freebies based on research to help your audience and offer discovery to meet with them voice to voice! Invite your audience to follow your broadcasts on Periscope or other live streams. This gives people an IMMEDIATE sense of who you are. People buy your products and services based on whether they Know, Like and Trust you AND you have what they want and/or need and how you deliver the goods, resonates. Prioritize getting yourself in front of people, helping them and offering value with a Call to Action to join your list and eventually buy!

Start With Short Term Money Goals:
Have you ever met anyone online who wouldn't love to make a million dollars? It's GREAT to think BIG but, best to start small. Determine the quickest way to generate some cash flow without excessive expenses and focus on repeating whatever it is that works until you've have some income to work with to reinvest in your biz and take yourself out for a nice lunch or dinner to celebrate. When you focus on short term financial goals that are attainable, you avoid burn out and have clear actionable focus to work with to achieve those goals. This will help you practice bringing your idea to fruition which is very important when your relatively new and still building your profile.

Would you like expedite getting your clarity in order and bridge the gap between where you are and what you want through this year? Signup HERE for my complimentary strategy call to help you! 

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